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Creating a course EXPAND ALL

Creating courses

Mediacor allowsboth trainers & learners to easily upload existing resources, such as Videos, Podcasts, Animations, PowerPoint and various other downloadable templates. Mediacor automatically converts them into engaging course materials within minutes.You control exactly what resources you want to include to ensure your course is exactly how you want it.

File Types

Use your existing files to create courses. Mediacor supports Video, Adobe PDF, PowerPoint, Word & Excel files. YouTube videos are embedded into the Mediacor platform.

Trainer Information

Personalize your courses with your details. Your email address, Skype address, a photo and biographical details are all optional. Mediacor adds this optional information to your course so learners are be able to contact you with questions about the course.

Course Dashboard

Monitor your course and see important information at a glance. Mediacor displays Lecturer Information, Course Settings, Course Progress, Quizzes, Learner feedback and Course Activity on the Course Dashboard.

Course Structure

You can review, adjust or delete the files that make up your course. You can replace and delete files in the Course Structure.

Course Preview

As you create the course you can see it from the point-of-view of the learner. Thus you can preview the course at every stage of development before it goes live.

Course Due Dates

You can determine the duration of each specific course. Setting start and end dates for assignments, exams, face-to-face classroom lectures and completion of the course.



Once you send the Mediacor team your company logo, they upload it and add your logo to all interface pages of your learner.


The portal seamlessly incorporates your logo into the site. Mediacor is merely the engine that drives your brand.

Learner Experience EXPAND ALL

Course Player

Mediacor has an intuitive design that is easy for learners, showing them exactly what course material has been completed and what to do next.

Learner Dashboard

Learners are given a complete list of various courses they have registered for. Start and end dates of each course. They can only access courses that have started. Mediacor manages this page and handles all learner login and password resets for you.

Collaborative Learning

Providesreal-timecollaborativelearning whereby learners can send their work to trainers, coaches or classmates for:- peer review, sharing and class discussion.More than 80% of learning is through collaboration.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Registered learners can access your course 24/7 from anywhere in the world at their convenience. With basic internetconnectivity and a web browser learners go through your engaging online courses, with all their activities automatically stored and secure.

Cloud Hosting EXPAND ALL

Frequent Product Updates

Mediacor continuously listens toyour feedback and based on those requirements Mediacor adds features, refines workflows, and more.

No IT Needed

Nothing more than internet access is required to start. There is no software to install or anything to download. Our learning platform delivers a simple user experience, supported by powerful cutting edge technology to eliminate the need for costly customizations and offers quick and seamless global integration and deployment.

Information Security

Passwords verification ensures only learners with unique login details can access their material. All information is encrypted and learners' details and material is protected.

Immediate Access

Access from anywhere in the world, with any device. Easy to navigate through courses, assignments & exam resources. Gain immediate feedback on each learners progress from anywhere. All you need is web browser and internet connectivity.

Creating Assessments EXPAND ALL

Immediate Grading

Set the correct answer for each question. Mediacor automatically grades each response and provides immediate feedback with scores.

Unlimited Assessments

Insert multiples choice assessments throughout your course. Mediacor supports unlimited amount of multiple choice questions throughout each course.

Arrangement of Quizzes

Insert quizzes at any point in your course. Mediacor supports the arrangement of your multiple choice questions at any point in your course.

Managing Learners EXPAND ALL

Upload Multiple Learners

You can quickly add multiple learners from an Excel file with a easy upload. Mediacor provides you with an Excel template that automatically enrolls and invites all learners that have registered for your course.

Learner status

Mediacor manages your learner details and only allows learners access to your courses that you have authorized. Unauthorized learners will not be able to access your course material.

Reporting EXPAND ALL


The summative & formative assessments and reporting allow educators a unique, in-depth and summary view of learners progress, even before tests are given.

Automated Reporting

Centralised feedback & reporting of learners' progress in detailed or summary reports. Real - time results, available immediately 24/7.The Mediacor platform is responsible for all monitoring and tracking of learners performance, ensuring institutional compliance and accessing real-time results.

At-a-Glance Report

It will be known at a glance when follow up is needed and when learners have achieved competence in their courses.

Detailed Reports

You can view detailed information for each course. Mediacor reports course progress, learner name, individual assessment scores, and learner activity date.

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