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Faster and Easier Access to Knowledge
At Mediacor, we have built our products and company around the following beliefs:
Education for all
Everyone should have access to great education! We are determined to provide all learners on mass an equal opportunity, irrespective of their socio-economic standing, with up-to-date quality education by world experts. Thus, we have made it super-easy for those who have expert knowledge to publish and distribute their knowledge to learners that would never have otherwise had access to this knowledge.
Easy and Elegant
Fast and easy access to elegant learning material leads to an awesome user-experience. We ensure all our features are absolutely necessary and relevant to achieve this.
Responsive and Adaptive
We are highly responsive to user-feedback, adding features and refining workflows accordingly. We constantly adapt our tools to meet our end-users real needs and changing market trends.
"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world"
Nelson Mandela
The passion of Mediacor Solutions is the "science of learning" - how people learn, grow and succeed. This passion has evolved into the creation of innovative learning programmes using the latest technologies and research in neuroscience to analyse and build our unique learning and development platform.
Since 2002, Mediacor Solutions has collaborated with acclaimed academics and business leaders in education, marketing, business strategy, international legislation, neuroscience, online learning and talent management solutions. This has resulted in Mediacor Solutions creating a vast reservoir of expertise and a network of highly competent lecturers. The optimal match then is made between the specific business requirements and these dedicated academics to create the best possible solution.
Lean, Agile and Fast
Mediacor has implemented a lean, portable, Software as a Service (SaaS) and Web2.0 compliant, dynamically malleable and agile platform that immediately aligns and adapts to your specific needs. Mediacor is able to do what all the other leading international e-learning solutions offer but cleaner and simpler with web implementation that is platform agnostic. Thus, Mediacor Solutions platform translates into immediate deployment of learning solutions, resulting in a tangible reduction in costs.
Mediacor's platform is designed to meet a fast paced and continually evolving market in which economic growth is dependent on how quickly and effectively learners and organizations can adapt to change.
The platform can quickly update an entire course globally with the latest video interviews, breaking news, case studies or articles within minutes of a change becoming necessary. This means that any training provider's course material is always reflective of the current market changes or trends and is available to learners immediately.
Mediacor Solutions learning platform is for:
  Small, Medium and large businesses sharing knowledge or in-house training
  Learning Organisations wanting an agile workforce
  Local and international training companies
  Learning and Development managers & directors
  Individual trainers, coaches or mentors
  Anyone wanting to impart his/her expert knowledge
Connecting Africa to Global Business
Mediacor Solutions, BigAfrica and G-Mobile are creating Africa's Business Network connecting to global business opportunities, practical online learning courses and international expert advisors.
BigAfrica have already connected over 350,000 African business and by the end of 2011 plan to have over 1 million African businesses connected.
The essential obstacles of infrastructure, technology and internet connectivity have been addressed by providing:
  Affordable quality laptops made in Africa
  Internet connectivity
  Trade Opportunities
  Relevant education & expert advisors
In order for Africa to compete effectively in the global market we realize that learning and development must be fast. Africa has often been left behind due to the lack of technological infrastructure. Accelerated learning creates accelerated development.
Individuals and organizations that can adapt quickly to change sustain economic growth and development. Thus, the quickest way for African businesses to win within a globally competitive market is to develop and educate their managers and future managers to become flexible and gain insights from the world leading experts.
Course Fee
Please note that programme fees and dates are subject to change.
For companies bookings more than 20 applicants, please contact Mediacor Info Centre for group discounts. Earlier booking have greater discounts.
Cancellation Policy
It is of utmost importance that Mediacor Solutions be formally notified in writing of cancellation 14 days prior to the commencement date of the programme.
A cancellation fee of 10% will be payable for cancelling fewer than 14 days prior to the commencement of the programme.
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